Capacity Building & Technical Assistance Training

Be-PrEPared was created to reduce the monetary and timely resources needed to integrate HIV/AIDS prevention information into new or existing outreach activities.


The cost to implement Be-PrEPared can be minimal, based on your outreach

activities, and in some instances, free!  We are conducting a training for anyone interested in using or incorporating Be-PrEPared  into their women's health outreach activities for women of color.  Those conducing outreach in the state of Texas will also given priority for the Be-PrEPared capacity building and technical assistance training.


Continuing education credits may be available for those who complete the training.

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We invite you to use the Be-PrEPared items for your

outreach needs!


For additional ways on how to tailor and incorporate Be-PrEPared into your outreach efforts,and to schedule a training, please complete the TA and Schedule a Training forms located below. You can also contact us for more information and to check our training schedule availability. You can also access information to share about Be-PrEPared here.

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Be-PrEPared Increasing Knowledge & Awareness about HIV/AIDS and PrEP utilizing a Comprehensive Women’s Health Approach was funded by Gilead Sciences. Funds are not used to promote or purchase Truvada for PrEP as an HIV biomedical prevention strategy. The Be-PrEPared health education curriculum, Stories in Sisterhood and educational resources were created to raise knowledge and awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention efforts. This includes the use of biomedical prevention strategies such as PrEP, and to increase capacity for addressing health disparities and negative health outcomes among cis and trans women of color.



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