Stories in Sisterhood:

Using digital storytelling to share narratives from women of color about health disparities and HIV/AIDS

Be-PrEPared uses digital storytelling to support the concept of having a person’s experience become the reality for others, in particular, way to increase discourse about HIV/AIDS while reducing HIV-related stigma.


Digital storytelling combines narratives, photographs, videos, images and sound to create a short movie that tells a story. The process uses digital media to bring a personal experience to life based on a common theme or topic. Digital storytelling is a faster and more modern way to share ideas, concepts, thoughts and feelings about a particular subject. Digital stories are approximately 2-3 minutes in length, and are guided and directed by the person sharing his or her story. Digital storytelling can be used by anyone that wants to share his or her narrative and personal experiences with a large audience.


Stories in Sisterhood is a digital storytelling project that collects and shares the narratives of women of color to address health disparities and HIV/AIDS. Vibrant and empowered women of color use their voice to share digital stories about increasing knowledge and awareness about HIV/AIDS, the use of PrEP or pre-exposure prophylaxis, and improving overall health and well-being for women of color. Videos also discuss aspects of life as a woman of color, issues that are important to both cis and trans women, and operating within the intersectionality of one who identifies as a woman of color.


Stories in Sisterhood is both educational and entertaining, but most importantly, illustrates women of color are not alone in the fight to reduce health disparities and improve their health status. The narrative series can be used to inform others about the health care needs of women of color, introduce topics related to health outcomes among cis and trans women. Stories in Sisterhood can be viewed on our YouTube channel for a sense of solidarity.

For more information on the Stories in Sisterhood series, or if you are interested in sharing your digital narrative as a part of the series, please contact us.

Be-PrEPared Increasing Knowledge & Awareness about HIV/AIDS and PrEP utilizing a Comprehensive Women’s Health Approach was funded by Gilead Sciences. Funds are not used to promote or purchase Truvada for PrEP as an HIV biomedical prevention strategy. The Be-PrEPared health education curriculum, Stories in Sisterhood and educational resources were created to raise knowledge and awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention efforts. This includes the use of biomedical prevention strategies such as PrEP, and to increase capacity for addressing health disparities and negative health outcomes among cis and trans women of color.



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