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Be sure to select and complete the correct survey based on the following description:


Healthy Woman:

  • Complete this survey if information was shared with you, as a woman of color, during a Be-PrEPared event or group setting,
  • In an individual setting,
  • Or if you completed the "Healthy Woman" online e-Curriclulum modules



  • Complete this survey if you participated in a Be-PrEPared outreach activity such as a training or an event to share information about the Be-PrEPared project,
  • Of if you completed the "Outreach" online e-Curriculum modules

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As Be-PrEPared continues to grow, we would love to hear from you. If you would like to share your thoughts about the website, The Toolkit, or any of the items found within this platform, feel free to complete the Feedback Form. If you need technical assistance implementing the items from the Be-PrEPared Toolkit, you may complete the Technical Assistance (TA) Form for additional help and guidance.

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Be-PrEPared Increasing Knowledge & Awareness about HIV/AIDS and PrEP utilizing a Comprehensive Women’s Health Approach was funded by Gilead Sciences. Funds are not used to promote or purchase Truvada for PrEP as an HIV biomedical prevention strategy. The Be-PrEPared health education curriculum, Stories in Sisterhood and educational resources were created to raise knowledge and awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention efforts. This includes the use of biomedical prevention strategies such as PrEP, and to increase capacity for addressing health disparities and negative health outcomes among cis and trans women of color.


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