"When you're talking about HIV, or anything personal, that's the pit of your glass. So to get there, you have to go somewhere...you have to get personal"

Stories in Sisterhood-Atlantis, Houston, TX

Be-PrEPared is an interactive, web-based toolkit and health education curriculum created to promote health and well-being while reducing the risk for HIV/AIDS among cis and trans women of color. Be-PrEPared takes the unique approach to view HIV/AIDS as an outcome, and not simply a single or isolated disease. Risk factors that lead to other health disparities also influence the risk for contracting the virus that causes AIDS. The goal of Be-PrEPared is to help all women of color identify and reduce the risk for contracting HIV/AIDS by understanding how health determinants are formed and developed.   Be-PrEPared also provides information about PrEP to reduce the spread of HIV among women of color.


PrEP is a pill that can be taken daily to reduce the risk for contracting the virus that causes AIDS. Be-PrEPared and the web-based resource toolkit provides comprehensive health information that addresses the specific needs for cis and trans women of color. Those that conduct health outreach activities for cis and trans women of color can also tailor and use the information found on the Be-PrEPared website.


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Be-PrEPared Increasing Knowledge & Awareness about HIV/AIDS and PrEP utilizing a Comprehensive Women’s Health Approach was funded by Gilead Sciences. Funds are not used to promote or purchase Truvada for PrEP as an HIV biomedical prevention strategy. The Be-PrEPared health education curriculum, Stories in Sisterhood and educational resources were created to raise knowledge and awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention efforts. This includes the use of biomedical prevention strategies such as PrEP, and to increase capacity for addressing health disparities and negative health outcomes among cis and trans women of color.


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